Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm still working on those legislative priorities. They should be done tomorrow.

Today I came over to visit my friends in the reporter house but they were all gone! I guess they were all out working. They're all back this afternoon and I've been having lots of fun going from office to office visiting them all, and getting to know the new InternKittens. As I predicted, they totally love me.

The reporter house smells pretty funny today. A couple of strange guys in overalls were spreading white stuff all over the walls. It makes me feel rather drowsy. I think I'll hop up in my chair with the red fleece blanket and take a nap think about my legislative priorities some more.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello again!

It's been a long interim. I'm glad some of my friends are starting to trickle back into the capital. The reporter who brought me the red fleece blanket came back on Monday. I've really enjoyed sharing my office in the reporter house again. A cat can never have too much attention.

The last few months have been pretty exciting for me. Did you know I nearly died? After a lovely summer soaking up the unusual, but very welcome, spell of heat and sunshine, I started feeling kind of funky and wasn't breathing very well. Then one day I went to visit my friends at the reporter house and I almost couldn't breathe at all. My friend Rachel scooped me up and she and Joe drove me to the emergency vet. They thought I had been hit by a car. The people at the vet clinic thought so too until they figured out that I have asthma and that's why I couldn't breathe. They gave me some medicine and I'm fine now, but apparently I was minutes from death. Thank you, Rachel and Joe for saving me! I was very grateful, even though it meant a trip to the vet.

Speaking of Joe, he retired right after that and I really miss seeing him in the press house. I hope you're enjoying your retirement, Joe.

I've also been dieting and must say I'm feeling a bit more svelte than when the last legislative session ended.

I'm looking forward to next Monday when the session starts and all of my friends are back. I'm currently drafting my legislative priorities to give to my politician friends. I know this is a bad budget year, but I think I have some great ideas. I'm sure they'll agree.

I'm also looking forward to meeting a whole new set of ReporterKittens. They call themselves "interns." A few of them came yesterday, but I haven't really gotten to know them yet. I'm sure they'll love me. Who wouldn't?