Thursday, January 29, 2009

The humans around here keep talking about being green today. The governor -- she's the human who's in charge of the statehouse -- wants people to be green. But I've never seen a human who was that color. Maybe they should listen to this guy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some readers have expressed surprise that I don't write in "LOL Cat" speak. For those unfamiliar, visit It's in my links.

Anyway. I find the whole LOL Cat trend somewhat offensive. Cats communicate in as elegant and articulate a fashion as anyone else. Except dogs. They're just doofuses. But I digress. While it may make cute pictures, it's simply speciesist to assume that cats speak some backward brand of pidgin babytalk. The creator of that website should issue a public apology to Feline Americans everywhere.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here are some more photos of yours truly. These were taken by one of my new reporter friends, Chris. Chris is a special kind of reporter called an intern. They're kind of like kittens. There are a lot of them around the reporter place this year. There used to be more reporters, but a lot of the reporters went away. I miss my friends who left, but it's nice to have new humans to admire me, too. That's kind of how things go around here. Humans come and go, but I remain constant.

You know, I think these photos make me look a bit thick around the middle. Maybe I shouldn't nap quite as much.


This is an old story, but I never get sick of it.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Olympia. The sun was shining! I found some good spots to stretch out and soak up the rays, which are all too rare around here. Then I went to the place where the reporters live and got lots of good scritches and took a nap until it was time to go home.

This morning, there was snow on the ground, but it's since turned to rain. It's enough to make a cat want to stay curled up inside. I haven't decided yet whether I'll go visit my reporter friends today, although one of them bought me my own red blanket and that sounds like a pretty sweet spot for a nap right about now.

Friday, January 23, 2009

These reporter people really like to take pictures. It seems every time I visit them, someone's whipping out a camera. Not that I can blame them. I am a handsome devil.

AP file photos
It's another gray day in Olympia. I haven't wandered over to visit my friends at the reporter house yet. Maybe they'll have cantaloupe for me today. I had a nice nap on the new human's coat yesterday.

Someone told me I'm not the only capitol cat on the internet. I'm sure I'm the most handsome, though. And I would never rickroll anyone. That's so 2008.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well. I'm not so sure about this new human after all. I was curled up on the nice, warm coat taking a nap, dreaming of a nice, juicy cantaloupe when all of a sudden I'm being picked up. Naturally, I started to purr because I thought I was gettin' some lovin' -- and I always enjoy some lovin' -- but instead I got dropped on the floor and told to go home! Can you believe the nerve?

So I walked over to the other office where the humans who talk on the radio live. But the one with the coat followed me! And picked me up again! And the one who talks on the radio did nothing! Nothing!

Then the one with the coat carried me downstairs and, you're not going to believe this, put me outside! In the cold!

Just for that, when I come back tomorrow, I'm shedding on that coat twice as much. Twice. As. Much.
Hey. I'm Bob. I live in Olympia, the state capital of Washington. I spend my days roaming around the capitol campus while my humans are at work. I hang out in this place a lot.

The humans who live there are called reporters. They feed me, scritch me and let me hang around and take naps. It's pretty cool.

Sometimes I just take walks outside and sniff things. There are other humans around here called politicians. They don't feed me or let me hang around and take naps.

The reporters and politicians both go into this place a lot.

The humans say that's where they make their laws. Cats don't need laws. I don't go there because there are no soft places to nap. It's much better in the place where the reporters live. There's a new human in that place who let me sleep on its coat. Score!

Photos by Michelle Dupler.