Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well. I'm not so sure about this new human after all. I was curled up on the nice, warm coat taking a nap, dreaming of a nice, juicy cantaloupe when all of a sudden I'm being picked up. Naturally, I started to purr because I thought I was gettin' some lovin' -- and I always enjoy some lovin' -- but instead I got dropped on the floor and told to go home! Can you believe the nerve?

So I walked over to the other office where the humans who talk on the radio live. But the one with the coat followed me! And picked me up again! And the one who talks on the radio did nothing! Nothing!

Then the one with the coat carried me downstairs and, you're not going to believe this, put me outside! In the cold!

Just for that, when I come back tomorrow, I'm shedding on that coat twice as much. Twice. As. Much.

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