Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm still working on those legislative priorities. They should be done tomorrow.

Today I came over to visit my friends in the reporter house but they were all gone! I guess they were all out working. They're all back this afternoon and I've been having lots of fun going from office to office visiting them all, and getting to know the new InternKittens. As I predicted, they totally love me.

The reporter house smells pretty funny today. A couple of strange guys in overalls were spreading white stuff all over the walls. It makes me feel rather drowsy. I think I'll hop up in my chair with the red fleece blanket and take a nap think about my legislative priorities some more.


  1. 愛,拆開來是心和受兩個字。用心去接受對方的一切,用心去愛對方的所有。.........................

  2. Hi Bob,

    Were you at the house today? Mommy wondered if you were there, she was at the legislature all day today and went past the house.


  3. Hi Bob,

    Where are you? Why are you not blogging?

    My days are boring when Mommy is gone and I need someone to talk to.


  4. Hi Bob,

    I have been thinking about your suggestion of having a State Cat, that sounds really good. A cat that looks like you would be more appropriate, you look like a bobcat. I am Siamese and would not make a very good State Cat. Maybe one of these days I can talk Mommy into suggesting it to our legislators. Maybe next lest a cat recognition day.

    Are you having a good day??

    Precious (because I am)