Monday, February 1, 2010

I haven't been a very good blogger lately. As happens to so many writers, I've been overcome with doubt and malaise, wondering whether I really have anything important or interesting to say. Are my napping habits really that riveting? But then I checked my e-mail and comments and learned I have fans!

One of my fans is Gracie, who sent this e-mail:

"Dear Bob:

What an exciting life you must lead being able to take care of all of those interns! All I ever get to do is pretend to be jumping all over the floor as my human, Linda, swings a ribbon tied to a string tied to a stick. I let her think 'I'm thinking about killing a mouse but, I know it's just a ribbon tied to a string...Whatayougonnado?? You got to keep these humans happy... I have a older playmate here but, since I am the new kid on the block and she is eighteen years old, she ignores me every time I try to be friendly.I also have three dogs that I enjoy teasing as, they get in trouble if they even look like they want to kill me ! It's lots of fun ! I have a pink blanket I like to curl up on. I also like to sleep on the bed, on a shelf, on my human's favorite chair and especially, on top on the kitchen table when the sun is blaring from the window. My human's daughter, Sharon, works there at the capital with you and I know you must keep a careful eye on her as she is under the control of four of us felines. I know they must have a time keeping her on the straight and narrow ! Well Bob, it has been great talking to you and may I say I hope all of your ''temptations' are delicious ones!!

Your friend, Gracie"

She even sent me a photo!

Another one of my fans is Precious, who left some comments on my last post and said she liked my idea to have a state cat. I'm sorry I didn't see those sooner, Precious!

Precious was pretty worried about me and her human wrote to one of my reporter friends to make sure I was okay. Wasn't that nice? I like when humans do things like that. It makes me feel loved.

Precious is 3 years old and will be 4 in April. Here are some other things Precious' human said about her.

"She likes to ride in the car and goes to visit people, even a business in Aberdeen and sits on the counter. She has an electric train that she figured out how to work the remote, takes the keys off the laptop, helps cook, even has her own little netbook computer. She walks on a leash like a dog and sleeps on her own hot pad when it gets cold.

Precious also drinks white wine form the Westport Winery, only likes white......Bordello Blonde...."

Precious' human also said that when anyone buys a bottle of Westport Winery's Jetty Cat Red, some of the money goes to help homeless cats.

Thanks to Gracie and Precious for being my fans. It makes me very happy to know other cats enjoy my blog. I promise to keep writing for the rest of the legislative session.


  1. Hi Bob,
    When I woke up this morning there was some kind of nonsense on the TV about some rodent predicting there would be six more weeks of winter, they will know winter is over when quit spending my nights on my hot pad.

    It was such a nice sunny day, I laid on my blanket by the window, watched the birds, slept and soaked up the sun. Oh that felt so good. When my human came home she had a whole new supply of cat food and even brought me some small salad shrimp, I love them. I am not on a diet like you are, vet did say if I gained anymore weight I would be.

    Bob, how old are you? You really are a very pretty cat. Did you get to lay in the sun today?

    Did you claw someone in the White House? You said it was covered under Worker's Com!!!!!! I bit my human once when she was trying to get me to take a pill and she had to go to the Dr, now the vet gives me all of my pills.

    Well Bob, my eyes are getting very sleeping again, must be all of the shrimp I just ate.

    Your friend,
    Precious (because I am)

  2. Hi Bob,

    I sure hope you are careful where you walk on the Capitol lawn and do not get trapped in one of the mole traps they have your step.

    It has been a very sleepy day, I have spent a big portion of my day sleeping in my wicker chair. Mommy was home today, so we just mainly have had a girls day in, I like those days. I purr a lot on those days. Have not seen many birds out today, I do not know where they are, maybe they are sleepy today too.

    Take care Bob, and please be careful where you walk. Do you ever go over and walk around the mansion? They have a dog over there....

    Your friend,
    Precious (because I am)

  3. Precious,

    I tried to comment back yesterday but it disappeared! It's a really beautiful day outside. Are you allowed to go out or do you stay in? I wandered around for awhile this morning just enjoying the nice weather and sunshine. Then I came in to visit my reporter friends. I think in a moment I'll curl up on my favorite chair and take a long morning nap.

    I haven't seen any mole traps around the reporter house but I will definitely be careful.

    Take care,