Friday, February 5, 2010

I came across this blog post during my wanderings on the internet this morning. I think Bonkers really has the right approach to politics.

It's a beautiful day at the capitol. I went prowling around outside for awhile and then came to visit my reporter friends until it was time to settle into my favorite chair for a nice long morning nap. I look forward to drifting off while listening to birds chirping outside. Maybe I'll have a good bird-chasing dream.



  1. Bob is indeed snoring in my ... or should I say his ... office at this very moment.

  2. Hi Bob,

    I have spent most of today just sleeping in my wicker chair. It was a nice day to just nap.

    I am an inside cat, but Mommy takes me on my leash sometimes and I like to let Mommy hold me and walk around the yard in the early mornings. We look at all of the flowers and things. Mommy got very sick last summer and I did not get to go for as many walks as I wanted, but this year she says we are going to walk alot. We have big racoons and other animals in our neighborhood and they could hurt me really bad, I only weight nine pounds. One racoon tried to get me on our deck one night. You have racoons around the Capitol building and they could hurt you if you are not careful. They have been after that dog in the mansion a couple of times. My friend Helen, who is also Siamese and lives in Olympia, had a racoon come into her human's house through her pet door.

    We sit on our deck alot in the summer and I get to watch the birds from there, sometimes I just sleep under the table. I do go next door and visit the man that lives there, he is usually in his shed.

    When we go visit the business in Aberdeen, I get to sit on the counter and I fold my paws in front of me, the guys come in and pet me.

    Everyone on our street really likes me, we even have birthday parties for me and we have cake and coffee and the neighbors come, some even give me presents.

    A lot of our human neighbors are South right now, I really miss a couple of them. I like the man next door very much and he comes over an pets me.

    I am a very nice kitty, but I do have one bad problem, I like to bite, we have had several talks about this. I am getting better as I get older.....maybe a Siamese thing.

    Have you been microchipped? I have been, just in case I get out and get lost.

    Mommy says it is time to turn off the computer.

    Bob, have a good Monday, I am so happy we are friends.

    Precious (because I am)