Friday, February 12, 2010

I've been spending the day inside the reporter house, trying to stay out of the rain, and all of the InternKittens are talking about one of the politician humans who did something kind of silly today.

From what I heard, the politicians really want one of the old space shuttles to come to Washington state when NASA is done with it. That would be pretty cool. I like space ships.

From The Capitol Record:

“If we refer to these kinds of things as ‘letters to Santa’ usually,” said. Rep. Bob Hasegawa. “The world is changing so much and for us to be able to lay claim to this valuable piece of history … I think it really speaks highly of Seattle and our aerospace tradition.” He finished by saying, “make it so and k’plah.”

But here's the silly part the InternKittens are all talking about — apparently, Hasegawa threw a Vulcan salute while he said "Make it so," and the heads of Trek nerds everywhere spontaneously exploded.

The Vulcan salute, of course, was made famous by the character of Spock. Everyone knows that when you make the salute, you say "Live long and prosper." That's the accepted etiquette.

"Make it so" is what Capt. Jean-Luc Picard would say when he wanted Data to make the ship go. Then he would usually tug on his jacket. It was kind of his thing. Some fans refer to this as the Picard Maneuver.

The point is that the Vulcan salute and "Make it so" just don't go together in the Star Trek universe.

K'plah, by the way, means "Success!" in Klingon. It like wishing someone good luck.

"K'plah!" to you, Rep. Hasegawa. Your friend Bob won't hold it against you.


  1. Hi Bob,

    I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day, I did. Mommy went to dinner and brought me home some of her dinner.

    Sounds like you had a little excitment around the Reporter House last Friday. I am not into Star Trek signs and phrases very much.

    Mommy has taken me outside two more times so we could walk, it is nice to see the birds and the flowers, some are starting to bloom.

    The man who lives next door called us this morning and said he is coming home in about three weeks, I will like that. He is really nice to me and I visit him in his shed. He pets me a lot.

    It is nice right now, but I am very sleepy and I think I will just get in my wicker chair and take a nice long nap. Mommy is going to take the laptop to the repair store, I took a key off Friday night and we cannot get it back on. She was a little upset with me this time. I found out some time ago that if I put my little mouth and teeth around a key and give a quick jerk, the key comes off, OH that is so much fun.....

    Is everything all quiet right now?

    You Siamese friend,
    Precious (because I am)

  2. Hi Bob,

    Sure was a nice day today, I laid in the sun and looked out the glass door. It made my eyes sleepy so I just took a nap right there. Then I got in my wicker chair and took a long, long nap.

    I have been watching the Olympics with my human Mom and I think there should be an event for cats. Bob, we will have to work on that one. Maybe mouse or bird chasing or who can run the fastest or climb the highest. You know, something cats do.

    What do you do with your time when the legislature is not in session and the reporters have gone home. Must be lonely for you. Are you still able to get into the Reporter House?

    I ate two of Mommy's red roses she received for Valentine's Day, Oh Well, she will get over it. I will do some of my cute things I do and rub on her and purr and she will forget all about the roses I ate.

    Have you seen any of the Senators or Representatives? I hear some of them like you too.

    That would be really cool if Washington could get a space shuttle. Sometimes at night we go outside and watch the space station go over.

    I think it is time to get back to watching the Olympics.

    You have a good day tomorrow.

    Your Siamese Friend,
    Precious (because I am)

  3. Hi Bob,

    You are very popular, a lot of people in Grays Harbor are reading your blog, they love you.

    Precious (because I am)