Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I hope you like the new blog layout. I get restless if I have to look at the same thing for too long. But, you know, I'm a cat. Restless is in my nature. Except when I'm napping.

Which I'm about to do in protest because the reporter who lives in the office with the red fleece blanket would not share her lunch with me! I was there earlier -- and she kept disturbing my morning nap to scritch my ears, I might add -- but wandered outside for awhile to make my rounds, visit the guard who lives in the security shack, the usual. I came back a few minutes ago and found a delightful smell wafting through the reporter house. Something beefy. Soup, I think. Well, this smelled like something I would enjoy, so I followed the reporter up the stairs from the kitchen to her office and perched at her feet. I waited patiently. I kneaded the carpet to show I was expecting something good. I even purred. And she didn't share. Not one morsel.

"Isn't that one of the first things humans are taught?" I thought. "That sharing is good?" And yet. No soup for Bob.

So I retreated to the chair with the red fleece blanket, where I'm now grooming myself to show her that I don't care about her or her lack of concern for my hunger. Hmph.

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