Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I strolled over to the reporter house this afternoon, and when I got there, they all asked, "Bob! Where have you been?!" I just shrugged and made my rounds. Time is meaningless for a cat. I don't know why humans get so worked up about it. They should just calm down and take more naps.

There's a rhythm to my visits to the reporter house. First I visit the downstairs office where Rachel keeps a dish for me filled with food and water. Isn't that nice? I've got a pretty sweet life.

Then I wander upstairs and hang with Austin. Today I helped him with some of his work on the radio.

After I visit Austin, I go check on the interns. I hear they'll be leaving pretty soon. That makes me sad. I liked having lots of new friends in the reporter house.

Today, I played with Chris a little in the hall.

Then I went to the office with the red fleece blanket, but it was different today. Michelle, the reporter who lives there, had cleaned off her desk so I jumped up there and let her scritch me for a few minutes.

I also thought about eating some health food, since a few people have cracked jokes about my weight lately.

She had some carrots that looked like they could be kind of yummy. They are almost the same color as cantaloupe, which I love.

But after checking them out for a minute, I decided carrots aren't really that much like cantaloupe after all.

Ah, well.

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