Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh, fickle humanity. I came over to visit my reporter friends today, made the rounds of their offices, trying to spread the love. Sometimes I spend more time in one office or another, and I want all of my reporter friends to know they're each special to me. So I was hanging out with the interns -- they have a really nice couch I like to stretch out on -- when one of them scooped me up and carried me off to another office. Then he shut the door. I have been cruelly snubbed.

He's one of the ones who talks on the radio, and he told one of the other humans it was because he was afraid I'd step on his stuff and erase his work. As if I'd do such a thing. Hmph!

He at least put me down in the office with the red fleece blanket. I suppose I shall have to resign myself to napping in here today. But I am wounded. Wounded! Is there no love for Bob in this cold, cold world? I shall take to my red fleece blanket and despair.

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