Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Olympia is having a snowpocalypse today. It's been coming down in big, wet, sticky flakes all day. It's enough to drive a cat indoors for a nice, long nap. Which is exactly what I did!

I spent a couple of hours snoozing in the warm, fleecy comfort of my red blanket, then got up and decided to make the rounds, spread the love, you know the drill. But something was different today.

I jumped down from the chair with the red fleece blanket and mosied on over to the room where the reporters who talk on the radio live. But their door was closed. They do that sometimes if they're recording stuff because I wear a jingle bell on my collar and I guess they don't want that on the radio. Personally, I think it would add a pleasant ambiance, but their mileage must vary.

Since I couldn't hang out with the radio guys, I decided to try the interns. They're usually glad to see me, and they have that super cool orange vinyl couch when I want to try out a different nap spot for a little while. But their door was closed, too!

I sat outside feeling puzzled. Why was everyone shutting me out today?

One of the interns opened the door, which I naturally assumed was an invitation to come inside. Better late than never. But he pushed me back! What the...? Then another one came out and I tried for the door again, but got pushed back again. This time, I could see through the opening before the door was so rudely slammed in my face. And you'll ever guess what I saw. Really. You'll never guess.

A dog.

Let me say that again.

A. Dog.

I was just stunned that anyone would prefer the company of a dog over me. I mean. A dog. Need I say more?

Apparently, the dog belongs to the human who's in charge of the interns. Her name is Cindy. The dog's name is Toby. He's some kind of poodle. He doesn't have a blog (like a dog could be smart enough!) but he has a video on youtube.

Here's Toby with his mom, totally blocking my access to the orange couch. It's a hard knock life for a cat, I tell you.

I suppose it's all right as long he stays away from my red fleece blanket. But if he touches my blanket, I'm opening a can of whoop ass. Don't think I can't do it.


  1. Can too write a blog. Poodles are the smartest dogs there are. Did you know Charley actually dictated that travelogue to John Steinbeck. Very clever, too. He wrote it from the point of view of the human.

  2. My human was on TVW tonight talking about the capitol press corps and how interns are having to fill the (awfully big) shoes of the disappearing reporters. She was sad.

    It will be on again at 10.

  3. Next time he's bored bob should come visit the Newhouse building. I guess he's probably a democat, though...probably wouldn't feel comfortable with the republicans.

  4. I'm nonpartisan, Kimberly. Are there good nap spots in Newhouse? Do you have a nice, soft coat I could sleep on? Where do your humans stand on catnip trade?

  5. We conservatives are all supporters of free trade, especially catnip. Unfortunately we're not as big on nice nap spots. Nice and Newhouse are rarely spoken in succession.

    I almost met His Bobness today, but Senator Schoesler was busy introducing him to a staffer as I walked by. Bob may be interested to know he's called "the lobbyist" in the Newhouse building - because "he's always hanging around," as the story goes.

  6. BTW, I accidentally posted under my wife's name before. "Technologically savvy" and "Republican" is another rare combination.

  7. I am called many things, Sean, but I am Bob. Just Bob.

    Sen. Schoesler is one of the humans with a farm, right? Does he grow cantaloupe? I would definitely hang out in Newhouse more if there was cantaloupe.